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      <span class=”postbody”>I have been looking at the various video spec options included in the new Sony HXv9 listed below.

      HD (Dolby Digital Stereo) 50/60fps (EU/US)

      AVC HD 28M (PS) – 28 Mbps/19201080 (60p/50p)

      AVC HD 24M (FX) – 24 Mbps/19201080 (60i/50i)

      AVC HD 17M (FH) – 17 Mbps/19201080 (60i/50i)

      AVC HD 9M (HQ) – 9 Mbps/14401080 (60i/50i)

      Can someone tell me what the real world viewing differences would be between video files shot at bitrates of 28 , 24, and 17.

      All things being equal would the visual quality of the videos made at these Mbps be noticed if viewed on a 55″ HDTV screen??

      Thanks for your help</span>

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      It depends what you do in post production. If you’re going to do any compositing or heavy color grading, you want to record the highest data rate possible. Although, 28 Mbps isn’t much to begin with anyway…

      I’ve never done any side by side test, but if you compared 28Mbps to 17Mbps, I’d expect to see more pixilation in the shadowy areas in the 17Mbps video. You may see some pixilation in the fast movement as well.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I uploaded this one at 12mbs.

      Looks fine for web purposes.

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      28 Mbps 1080p60 looks fine on my computer and SDTV. It has to be heavily compressed before artifacts will appear.

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      I shoot in HD at 28 Mbps/19201080 (60p/50p) and export out for the web at high quality. Some viewers tell me the video stops on the web and has to be restarted. Allowing it to stream in then restarting solves the problem. What is the best export format for HD footage on the web for most viewers? I’m satisfied with the video quality of the exported material and would hate to dumb down. I know broadband speeds vary.

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      Most of the time it is 1280×720/60i and it’s at 6Mbps.

      If you think about it, that’s pretty high. Even 1.3Mbps on my connection struggles at times, and I’m using regular DSL.

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