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      Hi. Does anyone have any info on how to attach a sony hc9 video camera to either the handlebars or my helmet?I want to record an awesome mountain ride which has some great switchbacks, just like in the TDF.And yes, I will probable add my own commentary and pretend I am Lance Armstrong.Cheers.

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      a 1 lb bulky camera straped to your head while hopping mountains, are you sure about this? googled this, I know nothing about it, never used it.

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      Grinner Hester

      duct tape FTW

      Kind of a bizzo when ya bust though.

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      I thought the handlebars at first, but someone suggested it would create too much choppy image from the vibrations and the only wayto go was on the head. So maybe I will have to pick a quiet day so no one can see me. Its only a Sony HC9 so not too much weight. Seems duct tape, zip ties and wrapping may be the only way to go.

      Grinner, is the bike bigger or the camera? close.


      ps yes I am a little crazy. The last 2 km is almost unwalkable for a normal person, let alone ride it.

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      Well if you have a hard rock then yes it will be way too choppy, but if you have shocks on the front then it won’t be too bad. They do make helmet cams that are about the size of a roll of dimes and weighs less then 5 oz, it’s just the cam and a wire send the video to a belt pack about the size of a wireless transmitter.

      check sky diving equipment sites. Just goggle it mate.

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      If you use the setup in your picture you will get no useable footage and in all probability destroy your camera. A much better idea is to get a helmet camSony 580 EX-View Super HAD 1/3 CCD search it on ebay. It is a great little unit. The Sony Helmet Cam 580 is bought as a kit and comes with everything you need like a fixable mount for your helmet and a strap that you can attach to your handlebars for the camera. You can record from it directly onto a media recorder. I use a flashtrax with mine but Archos does recordable media players. If your using it in sunny conditions use a polarizing filter on it. If your using it in the woods or forest do not.

      I also use Ram Mounts for my motorcycle to mount HD camcorders. They are I attach a Canon HV20 and HV 30 using Ram mounts. They work really well for an actual camcorder.



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      Cool, I have an Archos 605 and I knew it had the option of external camera.

      will check that out and see what quality it captures.

      Cheers Bing

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      FO what its wurth, i think your camera on the bike is very kreativ – i would be afraid of recking and runing the camera, but very kreativ. just goz to sho you there are many wunderfull uses for duck tape.

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      yep you can duct tape anything

      if you want it to be safe you may want to use something else tho

      prob go with the archos idea

      cheers to all

Viewing 8 reply threads
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