best wireless mic for Canon GL2

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      Hey all-

      I just purchased a used GL2, set upa separatevideo editing computer, bought a basic video editing program (Pinnacle Studio 11), and now I need to buy a wireless mic, which is surprisingly confusing.

      I will be shooting mostly oputdoors, and if possible I’d like to have two mics, one for me and one for the person I’m interviewing. I don’t have a cameraperson yet as this is a public service project and they’d have to be willing to work for free so the camcorder will be on a tripod.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I can’t have two mics, how would I go about interviewing people with only one mic? Thanks.


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      Depends on your budget, of course, and whether you want lapel or hand-helds, but for wireless I use Sennheiser lav mics (EW112P-G2) as they are easy to hide and I can’t fault them – when they’re set up properly, the audio quality is exceptional.

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      I’ve always used Audio-Technica equipment. Great quality, lower prices…and it helps that they are located 10 minutes away from me in case I have a problem with the equipment.(hasn’t happened yet)

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      Lavs are very expensive. However if you can, go with Audiotronics. The receivers and transmitters are smallter than Sennhesier’s, they are cheaper, they sound better, and best of all they are made in the good ol’ US. Chances are these are out of your budget (along with the rest of the world). But I just thought I would let you know they are pretty much top of the line right now.

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      The cheapest solutions for you (in order of ascending cost) are:

      1)Renting one hard-wired omni lavs and placing it only on the subject. You won’t hear the interviewer at all : ( $15/day

      2)renting TWO hard-wired omni lavs and each person gets one. $30/day

      3)Rent one G2 Sennheisser wireless and put on the subject. (may $40/day)

      4) Rent TWO G2 Sennheisser wireless and put one on each. (may $80/day)

      5)Rent one Lectrosonics wireless and put on the subject. (may $80/day)

      6) Rent TWO Lectrosonics wireless and put one on each. (may $160/day)


      7)Purchase 2 hard-wired lavs ($50 – $600)

      8)Purchase wireless system ($500 – $2500)

      9) Purchase two wireless ststems ($1000 – $3000)

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      Also – You’ll also need either a Beachtek audio adaptor or a small mixer for two microphones.

      I’d experiment with the less expensive solutions first to see if they work for you.

      My system cost $500 is UHF and works well.

      I’ve found that only in critical situations, distance, obstructions,
      other wireless in the area, does it pay to buy a more expensive wireless system.

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      I have a GL-1 with Beachtek XLRmixer/adapter, an Azden dual channel wireless system and Shure SM-11 wired lavalier mics. Whenever I can, I would rather use the wired lavalier mics. I don’t have to worry about interference and batteries and switches.

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      NADY has a dual set of entry-level pro quality dynamic microphones (about $50). I purchased a set of dynamic micsbefore I realized what I needed was a shotgun mic. I will probably be selling these on eBay later on, at a cheaper price.

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