Best White Balance Setting VX2100?

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      Sorry if I missed it here, but I just can’t figure out what the Sony manual is stating about white balance. Since I’m a beginner, I haven’t been using the manual controls, except the manual focus. I’m trying to utilize the full power of this camera by turning the auto controls off as I’ve read this is it’s strength.

      I”m shooting a very well, evenly lit green screen, and have the subject the proper distance away from the screen and very well lit with a 3 way lighting setup. All is well and the key is good (using Ultra 2 software).

      I’m hoping for a slightly better key (the separation around the sides of the body aren’t as great as they can be, I think) and I am hoping manual controls will do it.

      So far, I’ve been shooting with the auto focus off, the while balance on auto (and making sure I hold the white card for at least 10 seconds in front of the lens) and the manual controls off. Again, the key has been pretty good like this.

      First off, from what I’ve read in forums and magazines, I “think” that by turning the white balance to MANUAL, I’ll get a better white balance. Is this true?

      Also, when I turn off the auto white balance, does this mean the “other” manual controls aren’t on auto anymore andnow I have to dial in the correct settings for those funtions too?Since I’m not sure about how to set aperature and shutter speeds, I’m afraid Imay be ruining the shot. Aftergetting to the manual white balance feature, I can’t figure out if now the other manual controlshave to be adjusted.

      Sorry if I’m not being clear here, but I don’t want to move on learning this camera until I have a basic understanding of whether the auto controls are fine in this shooting setting, OR, should I try to set things manually and if so, how.

      The manual is even confusing about which manual white balance setting to pick for different lighting scenarios and then how to execute it. I had to figure out on my own that they wanted you to PUSH the selection wheel for a manual white balance and NOT push the button on the camera that actually says White Balance. That button just puts you into that mode. Maybe it’s me and not the people writing the manual, I don’t know.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      the problem with running the white balance in auto is it will adjust when you don’t want it to. you need to go manual, white balance on a card in the lighting your shoot will be at and go from there. It’s a little extra step to get everything set up, but you’ll be glad you did it that way in the end.


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