Best way to store all my newly created files

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      Hi all – just new here today and I have one bruning question.

      What to do with all my files?

      I use Lets Edit which turns all my files from various sources to .avi I have two 250gig hard drives which are now full and I seem to be better at capturing more footage than I am at actually turning them into movie’s so I can delete the old stuff.

      This means I have pretty much filled my current capacity. I have started moving a lot of the .avi’s to DVD so that when I want them instead of having to play back old tapes (which I seem to loose) I just goto the DVD, load it and start editing. How ever some of my avi’s are too big to fit on a DVD.

      Could you please give some advise as to the best way to manage all these files. Burn to DVD, get an external HD or just buy more tapes? I have a preferance for not just keeping everything on tape as I am worried that if my camcorder ever breaks or I want to upgrade I may not be able to play the old stuff anyway.

      Your advise is much appreciated.

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      Backing up your video to DVD is one way, but it can be pretty labor intensive. I’ve done it quite a few times, and even slapping 30GB to dvd’s seems like too much of a hastle. You’d need a heap of time and discs to backup your two 250GB harddrives!

      I currently use an external drive for backup. It’s pretty painless to transfer files, but it also carries a heavier initial investment than DVD discs. FireWire800 is currently the fastest way to transfer, without investing in a fibre network ($$$$). Though it’s not as common as USB2.0 and FireWire400 connections. Those will work fine.

      Happy copying,


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      You can always print back to your DV tapes.

      Another option would be removable HD’s. There would an initial start up cost (firewire enclosure), but then you should be able to swap out drives.

      I’m confused how you can put 30 GB of video on 4.7 GB DVD. If you’re going to edit the avi files in the future, compressing to MPEG2 is not a good workflow.


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