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      I have a Sony HDR-SR7 HD camcorder.

      I shot in AVCHD 1080i format (image size 1440 x 1080) against a green screen for a training video.

      Then I imported my clips in to Sony Vegas Movie Platinum 8.0. I keyed out the green screen made it white.

      I then rendered to AVI from Vegas using a custom template:
      – Video rendering: Good
      – Frame size 680 x 380
      – Frame rate 29.970
      – Field Order: None (progressive)
      – Pixel aspect ratio: 1
      – Video Format: uncompressed
      – Interleave: not checked
      – OpenDML: checked

      I encoded it in to a FLA format using On2 Technologies Flix Standard software with the following:

      * Width 680
      * Height 380
      * Video framerate: 29.970
      * Maximum bitrate 448
      * Audio 22050 Hz, 128kBits/s mono

      I then uploaded the test video to so you can view it:

      Is this the best way to get AVCHD video to the web? I am new at this…

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