Best way to import 8mm analog into MAC using iMovie 09

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      I have a few 8mm analog tapes that I took 9 years ago that I can’t import using the the camcorder that took the original video , its a Sharp 8mm Hi FI monaural 8 viewcam, model no. VL-E650U

      It has only one port that is labeled Audio/Video and is a plug type single jack, which handles audio and video for connection to a TV. I am assuming this is enough to export the video as it can export to a TV. The supplied cable has a single jack on one end that 2 plugs on the other that handles video and audio.

      I also have a nearly 10 year old Panasonic NV-MX3000 that I use for recording footage on MiniDV tape. It has several ports including firewire that I use to import my video into my iMac using iMovie and it works like a charm. It has an Svideo, a mic port, an AV In out jac, and a digital still port,a port to an editing machine and lastlythe mini firewire port that I use for exporting video.

      I read the article from Videomaker on converting the 8mm and Hi 8 analog tapes for digital import, but it only states that you need to make sure you have the digital and audio connection , not what type of cables are needed to actually make it work. The Pani, has the AV in/out that in the owners manual, shows that it handles 1 video and two audio.

      I tried using an audio jack that has separation for two outputs on both ends, and connected the two camcorders but I was not able to turn the machines on and see or hear anything on my Panasonic and I didn’t see any picture at all coming from the Sharp camcorder on the iMovie import screen thus far.

      My question is how can I get my analog 8mm tapes from the Sharp Camcorder to be imported via or through my Pani and into my iMovie via the Pani’s firewire port and what type of cables would I need to connect the two if possible?

      For the Pani, I have a supplied mini RCA type plug that handles the video, left and right channels on one end and a red,white and yellow plug on the other end. I also have the mini firewire to regular fire wire for outputing to my Mac, plus a slew of other combos that came with an all in one cable that I bought a while back.

      Any help, greatly appreciated, I really don’t want to go crazy spending a lot of money on these high end converters, but if I could still use the set up I have, I would like import it to my MAC in this manner if possible.


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      you need a capture card. look around, but make sure it is compatible with Mac’s before you buy anything. Many will probably be exlcusive for PC. Below is one i found on amazon, but im sure if you look around you might be able to find one cheaper.

      best of luck

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      I did something similar. I did it the slow way by connecting my Hi8 camera to my Canon mini DV (the canon function like a vcr)and just recorded the Hi8 to mini dv and then I captured the mini dv to the computer. A slow but cheap process.

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