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      I need to setup a CCTV system in a recording studio and I would like to be able to record the video at a decent quality from 4 cameras. SD is fine if the video quality is decent. Would one of those survialance capture cards work well enough? I’m looking at somthing like sony XC or DXC cameras, which are cheap on ebay.

      Or is it possible to connect multiple HDV cam’s via FW/ and record all the streams simultainiously?

      I would prefer if I could record directly into an NLE as opposed to recording the video with survialance software and having to load it all into an NLE.

      I’m looking to keep the budget in or under 4k, so where talking decent footage from the studio that can be turned into a myspace quality music video, or passed on to a real video producer who could use some “live” shots from the studio at decent SD quality.


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      In the NLE department, check out Sony Vegas and Grass Valley Edius.

      I’ve heard Edius is good with that stuff and I’m prettysure it’s cheaper than Vegas. But if you’re using sony cameras, than maybe you’ll want to do only sony or something.

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      And those will both capture multiple streams simultainiously? I’ve messed with vegas along time ago, and it only had a capture window that would input from one source. . . I’ll need to do all 4 together. I cant find anything on the vegas website to suggest that they have changed this, but if they have that would be great.

      I’ll check out that other program too, thanks. I’m not attached to sony for any reason, I just dont see many other manufactures that make the larger format 3 chip camers w/o a tap transport that I don’t need. . . As far as an NLE goes, as long as it works and can easily auth a DVD then thats about all i need. Thanks-


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