Best way to Archive and view HDV footage?

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      Upgraded last year to a Canon HF100. I love the ability to just copy the video files to the computer and back them up.
      Got a Samsung Blu Ray player last month and have enjoyed making AVCHD DVD’s.
      I have a ton of HDV tapes from a Canon HV10 and not sure how to best archive the HD video and also play them on a Blu Ray player. I imported some of the HDV to Sony Vegas 9 and it looks like it converted it to AVCHD format??? It looks good. I also need to figure out how to author a AVCHD disk from Vegas. The canon software ImageMixer 3 does it automatically for my HF100 footage.

      I had heard I can write 20min of native HDV to a DVD-R that will play in Blu Ray player? Which software package is best? I have Neuro 9, Vegas 9, and pinnacle studio plus 12 – with little experience in any of them. So should I try to perserve the native HDV or convert to AVCHD?

      Right now just archiving and basic HDTV playback are my concerns. No time to edit the footage.

      Also I have heard some Blu Ray players will play camcorder AVCHD with out authoring a disk. Just burn the video files stright to a DVD-R. This that true? And what brand Blu Ray players do that? I thought I should goto Best Buy and try out multiple players.


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