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      The options in video are endless! The best advice I can give you is don’t quit! Also be patient!

      There is plenty of room for whatever your trying to do.

      Don’t have a professional camera, or editing program? That’s ok. Start out small. There are plenty of inexpensive editing softwre programs out there, made by adobe, sony, and pinnacle to name a few.

      Starting out I encourage you to learn and perfect your craft. While your doing this save those pennies for when your ready to step up to maybe the professional level. You can learn how to do video with an inexpensive camera, and an inexpensive editing program. Surf the web there is plenty of info out there on editing, and shooting video. Find some books on video which is always helpful. You may pick this right up and run with or some of you it may take more time to learn…that’s ok just be patient and continue.

      Also while you are learning video I would also recommend you try to learn some form of html (web development) or make sure you try to get a website. What better way to show off your talents to the whole world. Also if your thinking of doing this as a business, a website is a good for you to show your clients your work.

      Finally my last piece of advice. "USE THIS Videomaker FORUM!!!". I can’t stress this enough! Whatever your question there is somebody in here that has done what your trying to do or has done it! This site has a wealth of info that is "priceless"!!!

      I have been coming here for the past 4yrs and every question I ask get’s answered! In most cases it’s answered quickly! Thanks Videomaker community!

      Videomaker = greatness!!!

      So newbie’s keep plugging away you won’t be new for long!

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      Hey Videomaker community feel free to post your advice!

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      The best advice I can give, the same advice I gave a new videographer at the WeddingVideoDoneRight forums, is this: Don’t Panic. IF things start going wrong during a video shoot, especially a live one, maintaining a level head is the best insurance you have to pulling out and not making you and your video look bad.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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