Best Value/Quality Tripod for newbie!

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      looking to get a good tripod/head for a Canon GL2…..I’m totally new to the video world and would like something cheap, yet quality between 50-200 max. Any advice would be great. thanks

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      I have this one and I think it is a great value at $189 at B&H plus free shipping.

      Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 Tripod w/FM18 Head

      Free Item Included:
      Davis & Sanford W3 Dolly with 3″ Ball Rubber Wheels ($44.95 Value

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      I agree with Cville, I have three Davis & Sanford tripods and have had good results with all. One has the FM18 head for a larger cam and the other two have the FM12 heads. No complaints.

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      kre8s4u, no doubt that the Davis and Sanford tripod that was suggested is an excellent choice. I was able to finda Manfrotto with fluid head(3130) on Ebay for less than $90. It took a few weeks of searching but bargains on great quality used tripods are available on Ebay, Craigslist, etc. Do your homework on the specific model and be patient and you can save some money this way. Keep shooting.

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