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      Hello all,

      I was wondering what the general consensus was for best U.S. cities for the post production industry. I’ve lived as an editor in NYC for many years and was looking to relocate and not really wanting to move to LA. I was looking into Miami or San Francisco (tired of being cold in NY), but what are some of your opinions?

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      I live in southern Florida – It’s a tough market here. Plenty of work but most don’t want to spend the money on a professional as there are gazillions willing to do the work on the cheap via Craig’s List (look at the creative services offered on any given day). If you decide you really like the sunshine state, Miami would be your best option – it seems most of the work lives there.

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      Here’s a typical example just put up on CL last night:


      I own a small marketing business. I need someone who will do this part
      time. Basically, you will be meeting with my client at a specific place
      and time (his/her business, home, on location, etc), shoot a HD (high
      definition) video of client and/or office and/or location with client on
      the video or not (his/her choice). Then you edit the video at your home
      and send it to client (copy to me) to approve. If client needs
      modification, you need to do it. The end result is you need to send the
      max 1-min. long HD video to me to give to my web guy to upload on our
      website on my client’s webpage.

      Basically, it would take you the following steps and time:

      1) Call my client and set up an appointment somewhere in Palm Beach County.
      2) Drive there. I will do best to keep your driving within Palm Beach
      County only. Say it takes you 1 hour to go to my client and 1 hour back
      to your home (assuming furthest distance say Jupiter to Boca!)
      3) You shoot the video (30 mints?)
      4) You edit it at home (30 mints?) Email it to client.
      5) Possibly modify the video (30 mints?)
      6) Email the final version to me with some script on it and possibly some soft music or none.
      7) I mail you a check at the end of the week for any and all the videos you did.

      The entire job should not take more than 4 hours. It could be much less
      if say you live in Lake Worth and my client is 10 minutes away from you!

      I am willing to pay $100/finished video.

      If you want to see one finished HD 1-min. video, email me and I will
      send you the link to my website. It was done by a local video grapher
      who since does not do it anymore because he got a full time job.

      I do not know how many videos we shall give to you, depending on the
      sales. It could be as low as none or as high as 4 during any one week.
      But, if we come to an agreement, you will be the only videographer I
      will use!

      I look forward to hear from you. Thanks.

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      Yeah, I see what you mean. You would spend $100 dollars on gas alone. Not a way to make a decent living. But my market wouldn’t be people on craigslist. Do you know how the film and television scene is there? Who important would speaking spanish be?

      Like I said I have been an editor in NYC for years and have developed a pretty killer reel (television commercials, music videos, films and the like). Is there a decent market there for pros (editors, graphic designers, vfx artist)?

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      I have found the market to be fairly well saturated – but again, many clients are looking to get a lot for very little – Even the wedding/event folks are having to slash their prices. It’s not like it was in 2005, everyone is feeling the crunch.

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      Best places are those with emerging production industries (video, film, whatever.) the main thing I’ve found with this biz, is who you’re able to link up with when the ball starts rolling. Yeah, you can have a wonderful marketing plan and all but if you don’t have a network in place, you’ll have to build one particularly if you’re planning on being independent.

      New Orleans is booming right now, but it’s still a ‘who you know’ set up. I was starting to build a solid network where I am, but the ’08 crash put me back at square one. Pro’s go where the money is, however there isn’t a whole lot out there right now and the market is saturated with the $300 to $150 crowd of amateurs.

      Wherever you go, you’ll have to elbow your way in as there are no doubt people already there who are established and quite territorial. Your task will be to ‘make friends’ and show you can make them money in order to break in.

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback guys! Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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