best sub-$1000 camera for 62″ HDTV?

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      i have 2 sets – 1 32″ HDTV and 1 62″ HDTV. i’m really struggling with buying a camcorder b/c hardly any are HD. i don’t want to spend much just to have HD cameras come out within a year and obsolete all these expensive cameras that are out now.

      problem is that i have a baby coming in a few months. i want/need a camera for that big event and all that come after. will i be wasting my money on a non-HD camera today?

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      If you can get a dv camera that’s non-HD for around $1000 it’s worth the investment even if there are HD cameras that come out later. That’s a decent price. A good camera is usually going to cost a lot more than that.

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