best shotgun mic for around $300?

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      i purchased a new camera with XLR inputs so i want to get a good shotgun mic to capture great sound for shorts, docs and other videos. any recommendations? i am willing to spend around $300 or so. is there anything good in that price range? if not then what is a good one and roughly how much would it cost? i would be willing to save.

      also should i get a cardioid or super cardioid or other? basically i just want a mic that will capture great sounds with no hiss or anything else that interferes with the audio. thanks for any help!

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      I always use Rode mics. Excellent results. I’d go to their web site for details. Mine is a shot gun mic and it is called VideoMic.


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      Also check out audio-technica and Azden.

      i acutally have the azden and it is a great mic with almost no interferance.

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      If you want to try something that is very economical you may give the Nady a try for $25.95 at Musicians Friend. I have2 of them that I have used for interviews and controlled environments and had good luck with them.

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      I have been looking into the Rode NTG-2, and the Audio Technica AT897. They both havve very good reviews, and are within your budget. The NTG-2 sounds like it may be prone to a little more handling noise than the AT897, but that may have been due to inexperienced users. I am torn between these two mics.

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      For your price range the RodeNTG-1 or 2 are the way to go. The NTG-1 is a little bit cheaper but runs on Phantom power only. If your camera does not supply phantom power make sure you get the NTG-2 which allows battery and phantom power.


      EDIT- I just checked at B&H and the NTG-2 is on sale for the same price as the NTG-1. Check it out. Click on the “Email me a better price” link and it comes down $20.

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