best shotgun for making movie

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      sawed off or pump action?

      anyway, I’ve got a panasonic hvx (which obviously has xlr ports), what is the best quality, lowest price shotgun mic I can get for the money?



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      alright, here’s the most helpful site i’ve seen about shotguns:

      it has some comparisons between shotgun mics, and i found it pretty helpful.

      Right now I own a Rode NTG-2, which works great for its price. XLR connections w/ phantom power or AA batt.

      If I had more money, however, it would of been a bit more wise to invest in the Sennheiser ME66 . I’ve gotten to use it, and its a really solid, very clear microphone, with very little noise.

      Remember, unlike video cameras which get outdated pretty quickly, microphones will last for a long time, so make sure you invest in it wisely!

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      I own a Rode NTG-1 which is similar to SpencerStewarts’ mic, the major difference is my mic needs phantom power, it won’t accept AA batteries.

      I can’t say enough good things about Rode mics in general. The phrase that sums up Rode mics the best is: Rode mics might not be the greatest mics in the world, but for the price, no other mic comes close.

      Personally, I am extremely pleased with my mic. If you are on a budget, I would recommend Rode mics to anyone!

      In Solidarity,


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