Best settings for outdoor on the water action shots?

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      Yes, another newbie trying to figure out what I’m doing. We’re into kiteboarding and have been taking still pictures for the last year and decided we needed to get into video so that we can see what we’re doing. This is a fast moving outdoor sport, filmed from the beach or a boat, shooting across the water, so lots of reflection and usually pretty bright. (check out some videos here to see what I’m talking about: )

      Anyway, we have a Panasonic HVX200, SD Card, no P2 card yet, tape and a 2x telephoto converter to screw on the end of the lens. I’ve set the camera up as follows:

      Camera mode: Video, 480i/24p
      Shutter speed: 1/500
      Auto IRIS
      Auto WB
      Gain Low
      ND Filter 1/8
      Auto focus on (lots of action, zooming in and out quite a bit)

      We also stop and start filming quite a bit as we just want to capture the jumps, tricks, etc… and not include a lot of the back and forth cruising.

      Is this a good starting point or are there better options for the video mode? Anything to reccomend once I get the P2 card?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

      Tony πŸ™‚

      edit: just figured out I should have probably put this in the Production techniques forum. Sorry! I’ll get it right next time.

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      I would strongly recommend the polarizing filter. It will greatly reduce the water’s glare and make the sky contrast better with other colors.

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      Thanks. I have a polarizing filter so I’ll try that. How do I know when I have set the exposure correctly if I do it manually? Is it a test and see or do I need to get a light meter?

      Is there a difference / preference in shooting in 24p mode vs 30p or 60i? There is a setting to shoot in film mode or video mode. I’m assuming video mode will be better for making internet movie clips and dvd.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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