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      I have a canon gl2, and I’m doing a project for the community TV, and i don’t know the best settings for recording sports, skateboarding mostly. Some people said 16:9 with frame mode is the best for sports, but then someone said the frame mode slows frame rate down, and then 16:9 would not be good for sports. Since this is the first time I’m doing a skateboard video for TV i don’t know the best settings.

      If you could share the one you think would be the best setting for sports, putting in mind that i am doing it for TV.


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      I have never gotten a good explanation of what frame mode is on that camera. If I remember correctly, the manual says it’s so you can analyze your video frame by frame. So I’m guessing it’s some attempt at imitating progressive scanning video, although I’ve never read anything stating that it’s truly progressive. So I doubt is.

      I used to use that camera in high school to shoot sports after school ever day. So I assure you that shooting in “Normal” mode is just fine. It’s just good ol’ 60i.

      As for the aspect ratio, whoever told you shooting 16:9 is bad for sports doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Your aspect ratio doesn’t make something easier or harder to shoot, it’s just simply a different option. So shoot whatever aspect ratio you want.

      Technically, 4:3 is the better option because the GL2 doesn’t natively shoot 16:9, but no one will notice any degrading of the image if you shoot 16:9.

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      You should judge whether or not to shoot 16:9 by your primary audience, in terms of what most likely they will be using. This is kind of a tricky one if your shooting for TV – nearly equal fractions of the population (currently) are using Standard CRTsand HDTVs. I’d pick the aspect ratio in which you feel more comfortable getting your shots better. Since it’s not in HD and the camera doesn’t shoot 16:9 natively, I’d go with 4:3.

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      4:3 – stay away from frame mode, looks good, but can limit you if you wanted to slow down some footage.

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      ditto. you can strobe in post if you want a film look but you have to have the information on tape to do it preset auto is yer buddy for action sports.

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