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      <h6 class=”uiStreamMessage”>Please help with information. I have a video small Video Production Company in South Africa working mostly underground in the mining industry, I use 4 x Sony PD170 4 (workers), works well but want to go more professional full HD. Taking in consideration the underground environment and limited spaces and total darkness to work in – which professional easy to use camera can I buy? It must read light good and focus quick easily.</h6>

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      not sure any of the HD cams will be better in very low light..From what Im reading.

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      The bigger the sensor the better the camera will perform in low light. A cam with a 1/4″ sensor will not be as good as a cam with a 1/2″ sensor. Some cams can shoot in total darkness, if they have infrared functionality.

      It would be interesting to know what cam you have finally decided on.


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      you can use sony ex1

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      the ex3 is a little better, and more expensive

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      There are a number of good prosumer cameras with capable low-light ranges. If you are absolutely concerned with low-light shooting, an HDSLR may be your best bet. Canon and Nikon make some of the best HDSLR cameras with the most sensitive sensors on Earth! However, whatever rigs you get you’re going to have a high turnover rate using them in so rugged an industrial environment. You’ll need to invest in waterproof housings to protect the cameras and extend their working lives.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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