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      i have been wondering lately how come when i edit my music video and such, while editing inside of vegas they look clean an whenrendered out the also look clean but when i upload them to my youtube account they lookhorrible,pix-elated,foggy an cant watch

      can anyone help me out with the best HD rendering setting foryou tubeplease. and does the new feature inVegas11 (upload to you tube ) has already built in settings for it r iwouldhave to do it manually?.pleasehelp

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      Moab Man

      I upload mpeg4. And if you download a video of yours they offer it as an mpeg4 so i assume that might be the format they use. Anyway, my videos look great.

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      First off, the ‘Tube is awful. There I said it. Preferably, you’d load your stuff on Vimeo which has a much better rate of compression. Anyway, having put stuff up on the ‘tube, best thing is to do is render the video out as an AVI or Quicktime with compression as close to the maximum YouTube allows. Then upload it. YouTube will then compress it again. By having more color and picture data in your clip there will be more left over after the ‘Tube gets finished with it.

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      .MXF is another great format for HD video. I even up-convert to a higher bit-rate than the source (34 VBR or 50 CBR) to preserve as much as possible. Youtube actually processes .MXF files while uploading as well, and it can be any data rate up to a file size of20GB. I know Vimeo brags to be higher quality than YouTube, but I also have a paid Vimeo account and truthfully, I think if uploaded correctly, YouTube will look a little sharper with the 1080p setting. Vimeo IS nice for acrhiving your source videos though, I cant tell you how many times that has saved me arse.

      Here was my first .MXF upload test – and I know a couple of the transitions are rough, but they were fixed in the final video. This was mainly for a personal test to see how YouTube handled .MXF.

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      THX GUYS! ill run some experiments on them my self and c which 1 best suits me .

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I also think YouTube doesn’t give such a good quality, at least compared with Vimeo. I upload my videos in H.264 (basically mp4) with higher bit rate. From my experience it maintains the quality of the original video.

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      I shot a Vlogg and using My Pinnacle Studio HD NLE, save the files as MPEG2 1080P and have no issues when uploaded to Youtube. There may be an issue with your videos, if using a HD camcorder then using a Video convertor program to make your files suitable for Vegas.

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      ok so what about the quality that videos of lil wayne, rihanna, and such other international artist have on youtube i would want to get that type of quality for my videos on youtube … any help?

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      +1 on this, I have another thread where I’m asking this same questions, though more specfically related to 1080 60i which is what I shoot in. Would love more info on all this! Anyone? My other thread is

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      Philip B.

      For all Vegas Pro users, try this free extension – Video4YouTube. Works pretty good !

Viewing 9 reply threads
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