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      thos is my first post !! its a great forum!!!!!

      i have a urgent question

      i have a sony hvr z7 camcorder

      a shot in PAL SD 720X576 25 fps

      what is the best quality setting and rendering settings in vegas8???

      what i can i do to make the best quality when i play in dvd player and PC monitors

      pls help me!!!

      thank you

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      When I make my DVD I render in Main Concept MPEG-2 with the template in DVD NTSC Video Stream. I had never had any problems with the rendering, besides the ridiculous long time it takes (because of my computer) but the quality of the DVD is pretty good. Since you record in PAL you will need to set the template to DVD PAL or DVD PAL separate stream. Don’t forget to do this because if you choose NTSC as a template your frames and video resolution will not be the same and it will damage the quality. Then go to a DVD creation software and make an awesome DVD menu.

      Another thing, the quality will look good on a computer, but not necessarily in a DVD player. It depends on the television that its used. I had this problem in a previous shortfilm I make, I edit it in a 1920X1080 HDMI monitor and it look good and all, but when the movie was shown in projector WOW…… some of the colors look bad and some scenes had excesive brightness… well what can we do, all movies will look different in TV and projectors. Keep this in mind, but you should have a good quality of DVD in general.

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      I’m not very familiar with Sony Camcorders, but from a little bit of research, I figured out that yours is an HDV(High Definition Video) camcorder shooting in standard definition. What SD quality are you shooting in? Depending on the length of your video, you’d probably want to export in HQ (high quality) with Dolby Digital audio if these settings are available. This is what my editing software uses.

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      I laughed when you mentioned colors being off. I remember a mentor of mine jokingly referring to NTSC as standing for “Never The Same Colors”.

      On the bright side, with NTSC forever being banned from US airwaves in just a couple days here, We’re ready to move into the world of ATSC, which of course stands for “Almost The Same Colors”!


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      thank you for prompt answers!!!

      i from east europe

      i shoot in SD while by us hd technology is not very spreadet

      in our country exists only 5 sony hvr z7 camcorder

      you now that the tv is interlace and the pc monitors noninterlace

      when i make a dvd a see some horizontal lines when the subject are in move

      what is came of settings sould i do ??

      can you send me a saved template or tell me what came of project setting and rendering settings to use to have the best quality???


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      I tend to deinterlace my footage, mainly because I like the look better (okay, I actually shoot with cameras that allow me to record deinterlaced, which is the best way to go in my mind).

      If you’re seeing these stripes only on your TV, then you may be encoding something improperly. You say that you’re in Europe. If you’re shooting or editing footage in NTSC, then playing back the footage on a PAL device might be causing some of your issues. Make sure that you render everything in PAL format.

      Can you send a screenshot or photo of what it’s doing on the screen. Stripes can be a lot of things, from misformatting as I mentioned, to dirty heads on your camera. IF we could see it, it might help to diagnose the issue.

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