best quality DVD video?

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Nowcomer to video editing - How can I produce and burn the best possible quality DVDs (not AVHCDs or BDs). I can produce and burn excellent quality short videos to DVD when burning in AVCHD format, and that plays well on my desktop computer and on the flat screen TV, but it won't play on my lower powered laptop computer, which is probably similar to what friends and family have. Videos which I burn using the DVD format will play on the laptop, but they're horrible - extremely noisy, even somewhat pixelated. Adding video denoise suppresses some noise, but destroys most details. I'm using Cybelink Power Director 10 as the editing program - very happy with it.

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DVD spec requires 2 streams of data - MPEG2 for video and .AC3 for audio.

What you want to do is export a full res Master out of your editing program. Take that full res Master into dedicated encoding software, such as Adobe Media Encoder or Apple Compressor. Use that encoding software to create your MPEG2 and .AC3 files.

In order to create good looking DVDs, you have to understand compression, specifically Long GOP compression. There's a lot to it, but plenty written on the web. After doing some research, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to come on back

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is there any free software ? that can be used