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      I’m looking for a prosumer HD camera to film indoors interviews, product shots, and people at work in the office/lab. I have a light kit but would like a camera that works well in low light so I can get good around the office shots. My output is to youtube/web and occasionally to a projector in a meeting. I want to be able to do depth of field and manual focus. I am considering the Sony HDR-FX7, do I need to be concerned with the CMOS/CCD debate for my application? Any other suggestions? My budget is ~$1K-2.2K

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      Personally, I’d go with the Canon HF S10 at this point. My only complaint is the rolling shutter of the CMOS sensor. The Canon XHA1 is closer to the pro/prosumer technology realm, but considering that the HF S10 records 900 lines of horizontal resolution, it’s quite a toss-up. The Canon HF S10 also utilizes the effecient, yet still young, AVCHD format. If you are out of a powerful (3.0+ GHz) computer rig, then I’d go with the XHA1 which has more professional features and better ease of editing.

      Great deal on XHA1 (3-CCD camcorder) –

      HF-S10 for $200 less than MSRP –

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      XTR-91, thanks for the reference, the Canon looks like it does it all, but that website doesn’t look legit, The camera is $3,000 on every other site.

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      I want to be able to do depth of field…………My budget is ~$1K-2.2K”

      I’m afraid you may be dissapointed with the depth of field of most, if not all prosumer cameras by themselves. Most need to have a 35mm lens adapter that will allow you to use 35mm lenses to achieve that professional film like depth of field….a good adapter will run around $1800.

      ifyour budget is only 2.2k, I thinkit may be wise to seriously consider something like the Cannon EOS 7D especially if you want to take advantageof the depth of field of a 35 mm lens……I think it will work great for what you want to do…being able to use 35 mm lenses makes a world a difference and these DSLR cameras make it possible at a fraction of the cost…Eventhough they have some limitations, they produce some pretty impressive professional HD video images.

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      Coreece, thanks for the advise, that’s the second time I’ve heard that.

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      Also realize that the Canon EOS 7D is a still picture camera. I haven’t heard anyone complain about the SLR’s “professional” video capabilities, but the very fact that it’s not a “video camcorder” makes it seem like a blind shot in the dark. Not saying that the SLR camera produces poor-quality video, but if you’re not also a prime photographer, than purchasing this camera won’t be that much worth the money. It does have great features in terms of resolution and lens interchangeability, but at your level, I wouldn’t aim at something that is primarily photo that claims to excel greatly in video. The video quality is good, but probably won’t beat mostcamcorders in the $1,500 range.

      BTW, I forgot to mention that the XHA1 does not have lens interchageability. If 35mm lens (and your budget) isa MUST, then I’d go for the Canon SLR camera.

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      You could check out my CD! Its a compilation of uncharted technical interviews on digital motion picture camerasincluding the RED ONE, Phantom, Genesis, EPIC, Mark II, Panasonic AG-HVX200…

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