Best Printer for DVDs and Jewel Case Inserts?

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      As I’m finishing up a few projects, I’m pulling out my hair trying to get my jewel case inserts printed correctly. I absolutely love the results with my Epson Artisan 835 but I hate the difficulty getting the card stock to feed. Do any of you have printers you can recommend?

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      I cannot find anything better than the Epson line of printers, but I don’t know of one specifically that handles heavy print stock very well. I’ve just settled for hand-feeding the sheets of heavier stuff when the job calls for it. I have no problem, however, when I use Epson’s two-sided matte finish stock and I personally like the finish more than a glossy type that often starts sticking to the inside of the clear plastic insert pockets of my 7mm thinline cases.

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      Agree on the Epson. Hand feed with care. Depending on the dollars, I never hesitate to use Staples, Office Max, etc., to do small jobs. I’ve also printed hundreds of CD’s and DVD’s with zero failures on the Epson. Time consuming, yes, but also reliable as a pet rock.

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      love my epson. print on water resistant media and it comes out real glossy finish like the hollywood dads.

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