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      I’m just starting out and need two cameras, two tripods, and a couple of wireless mikes. That’s only the beginning.

      I’ve been reading the reviews here and on other sites about the horror stories with some of these guys. I’m leaning toward B&H, but there has to be someone else out there that is just as good with maybe a tad better pricing.

      Looking for experiences that you’ve had with on-line purchasing.

      Thanks in advance,

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      I’ve noticed that you are always asking about possible other places to order audio/visual equipment from. You will fine that B&H will probably be you best and safest choice. I have boughten over $8,000.00 worth of stuff from there in the last 5 years. I have never had one problem. I place the order on the internet and I get the stuff delivered in 4 days packaged very nicely. Never had any issues with billing either. Their reputation is VERY good! Their prices are also OK. Sure you might find that a camera might be $15.00/$20.00 cheaper somewhere else but I would personally pay the extra money for piece of mind knowing that I’m getting what I’m paying for in a timely fashion. I’m kind of wondering why you are reluctant to buy from them? Just about everyone on this fourm buys from them.

      Whatever you do, DON’T just buy on price from a website that’s offering something that is hundreds of dollars less that other places because there is most likly a catch involved and you could get burned.


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      One of the reasons why I’m asking for everones good experiences with various sources, is because I only have so much money to get started. With the limited equipment that I listed on my first post, I left out the small amount of computer hardware, software, lighting, and various misc. other thing. This will all add up to around 7,500 based on B&H pricing.

      Sites like this make me wonder if B&H is the only place on the block to buy from.

      I’m just looking for your experiences. It appears that yours is with B&H, and that is the place that I’m leaning toward too.

      Thanks again. πŸ˜€

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      If you’re ordering that much gear all at once, consider writing B&H (or others) and ask them for a quote based on your detailed want list. Let them know they’re one of several vendors you’re contacting, and you expect agressive pricing – something better than their advertised prices which, while not bad, could be better.


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      Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, B&H is the way to go.

      However, if you really want to shop around, go to Sony’s website, and compare prices only to the sites that Sony gives their thumbs up to. Otherwise you’re asking for trouble, with all the gray market goods out there.

      TO save you a couple hundred bucks, only buy batteries off eBay. You can get generic batteries that work just as well as the real deal for next to nothing. I got a 10 hour battery for my GL-2 for $10 this way. You can also get most of your other accessories of eBay, such as lighting, tripods, etc. Don’t expect the same markdown as the batteries, but you’ll still get good deals.

      On that note, while eBay might be great for accessories and whatnot, I would NOT recommend buying cameras there. I know too many people (myself included) who have been burnt buying a super cheap camera on eBay. It’s not uncommon for cameras sold on eBay to be abused or almost dead.

      In short, if you’re trying to pinch every penny, eBay the accessories, and B&H the cameras. That will bring your $7500 down a bit.

      Hope that helps!

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