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      Hello all,

      Well I want to buy a gl2. I looked online and found two great places selling gl2’s for $850. I stopped by here before ordering one online, and read about a site that gave online retailers reviews. Turns out that these two places had the worst ratings.

      So I thought i would ask you guys, where do you think the best place to get a gl2 fairly cheap is ?

      Would you recomend ebay ? I have seen some going for $1600.

      Thanks for any help.

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      I second Compusolver. Don’t waste your money on the GL2 if you are wanting to do any low light stuff, (like 90% of weddings). Pay the extra and get a Sony 2100.

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      The comments by compusolver and osborne5 are valid if you intend to do low-light work. But I didn’t see anywhere in your post where you mentioned low-light or event shooting. If you will be in control of the environment where you shoot, or you’re shooting in daylight, then a GL2 would be fine. For low-light work, the Sony VX-2100 has a very good reputation.

      As for where to buy, the general consensus seems to be B&H ( It will be more expensive than some, but is very reliable. If a place is offering a deal that’s too good to be true, there’s probably a catch (gray market or incomplete package). As a rule-of-thumb, if a web business also has a physical store you can go to (a "brick-and-mortar" location) it’s a safer bet. If you have some time, you might wait for a manufacturers rebate to be offered. Over the past few years, I’ve seen several rebates offered on prosumer camcorders. A little over a year ago, I was able to get my Panasonic DVC30 (similar to the GL2) for $1550 by taking advantage of a rebate. πŸ˜€

      If you’re buying used, you don’t know what condition the record heads are in. So it’s a crap shoot. On rare occaisions, you can get a bargain price on a new camcorder that was recently discontinued and is being "dumped" on eBay. There seem to be companies specializing in buying up lots of recently discontinued products, then selling them on eBay.

      Just my 3 cents worth πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Hi Bszarozos,
      I bought my GL2 3 years ago, but only used it for a couple vacations. I just recently got sony pd170, so if you are still intersted, I’d be happy to sell you my GL2. It’s like new and again was not used a lot. I will be certainly happy to agree on a fair price.

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