Best new High Def HDD ?

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      I am planning to buy a new High Def. HDD camera. I have seen some new Panasonic 3CCD, Sony and Canon Cameras.

      I need it to perform well under Low light (indoors) scenery and have a good picture quality. Is the 3CCD lense the best one or is there any other new technology for optimal image quality?



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      I think as a rule three chip cameras are better than single chip cameras (Red One exception noted).

      You may want to look at other than HDD – like SxS or P2 based or even HDV. I am now using a HDD consumer HD camera (Sony HDR SR11) and while I love it and am very pleased with it’s performance, I kinda wish I had a physical copy of what I film for backup purposes. Right now, I copy from the camera to TWO external hard drives on my PC before deleting from the camera just to make sure I don’t lose anything in the event of a HD crash (have had this hapen already – lost some stuff and it will cost me lots of $$$ to get it back).

      The biggest thing you need to identify is your budget and once you have a hard number, list your feature priorities and see what you come up with.

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      David Naud

      Dear Birdcat: You need not accumilate footage on hdd forever. A cheaper solution is to fetch your footage with a video editing (software) like Pinnacle Studio 12 ultimate and write it on normal DVD with normal DVD writer as AVCHD disc. However you can only get 35 min of footage on disc but the quality at 100% is blue ray like. You can stretch to 45 minutes without noticeable quality drop.The correct option maybe is to get a Blue Ray Writer and save on Blue Ray Disc. The last option is more expensive but a lasting solution. Blue Ray Writer in your currency $ 250 empty Blue disc $ 20-25. You will have to comply with minimum Computer Processing power(for 1080P at least Core2 Quad with decent Screen card) Happy edditing


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      BluRay hasn’t been around long enough to know how long it will last. Neither, for that matter, has DVD. I have come to realize that NOTHING, except maybe my old t-shirts, is permanent 🙂

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      So I was wondering. I got my dad a JVC HD HDD camcorder. The problem is that it records the HDV MPEG file to a .TOD format.

      Do all of the HDD camcorders record MPEG to their own formats?

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      Hey guys, just wanna share the things i’ve got. well actually, im new in this kind of stuff. and i have read the articles/reviews about HD Camcorders. suddenly, i wanted to buy a camcorder. can you guys help me out here.. i saw the Sanyo Xacti vpc-hd100r HD Camcorder Reviews. is it really a good one to buy?

      please help me out on this. thanks..

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