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      Half of what I edit either goes just online, and the other half goes both on tv and online. I need a monitor that will give me an accurate picture of what the video will look like, especially on tv. I startedresearchingmonitors and they all are way out of my price range. Would it be a good idea to get a tv instead? Or is there a good enough computer monitor no more than $300. What specs should I be looking for and what is the difference between a tv an a computer monitor?

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      Check out ebay with the search “SonyPVM Monitor”

      That Sony model rangeof professional monitors are found in many professional editing studios, broadcast studiosand live theatre use. In particular the studios and live theatre use them for maybe one or two years and replace them with new.

      I opted for a ebay second hand Sony PVM-14 model for $150 (Saved over $1000 on RRP), the cabinet was a scratched and knocked about, but so far the unit has operated faultless for over four years. I opted for the 14″ because I use itfor editing purposesand its portable enough to cart around for on location use.

      The only thing to bewary of with second hand, is a weak or low emission CRT (Picture Tube), which can be easily identified by (a) when unit is first switch on there is a heavy hue colour over the entire screen which gradually clears as the unit warms up or (b)thepicture has a negative picture effect. In other words if possible view the unit in operation before purchase, to negate the risk.Also make sure the unit is 16×9 or 3×4 switchable.

      Came across22″ PC LED monitors being used for news editing ata broadcast station edit suite recently. Personally I still prefera CRT monitor for editing.

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