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      I need to figure out a way to record interviews and voice overs in a 24′ x 40′ room that has carpeting, but no other sound deadening wall coverings, curtains or ceiling tiles. I have not had much luck even after hanging blankets a few feet away from the talent. The wireless lav mic I tried was out of the question. The Shure SM58 is better, but the louder the voice, the more echo in the recording. I’m thinking about trying a PZM. Has anyone else had success in selecting a mic that is forgiving towards echo?

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      The only type of mic that I know of thatis very resistent to off-axis noise is the long shotgun microphone. Long shotguns are designed for distance pickup and are very directional. A smaller diaphragm has a narrower frequency pickup, which works fine for voice. Like rob said, you should also look at narrow diaphragm microphones which will probably help the echo problem.

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