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      I’m assuming I will need some sort of shotgun mic, since I won’t be closer than 20 or 30 feet from the altar. I am running a Sony HDR-FX7 so I only have an 1/8″ input. What equipment do you recommend that will have pretty good sound, but doesn’t cost like $1200?


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      Shotgun mics are not really for picking up sound from far away, they’re just directional. You can use them, but I personally dont think it would be ideal. I’d recommend getting an omnidirectional wireless mic that you can attach to the groom. The bride and groom should be close enough that the mic on the groom will pick up the sound from him, the bride and the priest.

      I recommend ordering from B&H and purchasing Sennheiser brand. They make good audio equipment. It may cost a little more, but the quality is good and it should last a long time as well.

      Also look into getting an XLR to 1/8 adapter or a BeackTek XLR adapter.

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      Robgrauert pointed you in the right direction. You’ll be able to pick up the sound easiest if you can have a mic real close. A wireless lav should be ideal for this. Look for a UHF one instead of VHF.

      You might also want to consider another mic for on-camera when recording the reception, etc.

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      I have a Audio Technica ATR-55 Shotgun mic which is good, but as said above it’s not the mic, it’s getting the mic close that counts. Get a wireless lav for the wedding and maybe the shotgun for the reception.


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      “Also look into getting an XLR to 1/8 adapter or a BeackTek XLR adapter.”

      Is a great suggestion from robgrauert above.

      You will need this to convert the outputs from whatever pro wireless you rent, like Sennheisser or Lectrosonics with XLR outputs. If your camera has 1/8 inch inputs then the BeachTek will convert the signal for you quite easily.

      Against the others on this thread….

      PUT THE WIRELESS MIC ON THE BRIDE IF YOU CAN. It will create a better mix of their two voices because mens voices have more energy then womens. The trick is hiding the transmitter on her without too much hassle. If you do put is on the groom, just make sure the cable doesn’t fall out beneath his coat by using a small piece of medical tape inside the coat to keep it ‘wrangled’.

      Let me know if this was useful.

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      I have always been putting lav mic on the groom’s left lapel, closer to the bride. As for putting mic on the bride, I agree with Aaron on the point of the voice strengh. But putting it on the bride is very tricky. I prefer to ride audio during the ceremony.

      Here is more on audio issues at the wedding ceremony.

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      I use a Sennheiser g2 wireless system for the vows and my Senn shotgun for ambience and music at the ceremony. Just watch out for Blackberrys and cell phones with the wireless. I had these awful pops of interference for a while and finally figured it out when i shot a lecture at 5 towns college. I saw the students messing with their phones and there was the pop. So now i ask the wedding party to turn off phones.

      Reception i use the Senn shotgun for close action and an audio techicia Stereo mic with a portable mixer With the wireless transmitter for the dj and mic mix. Gonna try my zoom h4 next time though. Easier setup and decent audio. It had a bad drift last time i used it for a concert but i fixed in post after some mountain dews. There have been a bunch of updates so maby they fixed it.

      Also as Rob mentioned the beachtek is worth it to get. Level adjustments and dual xlr inputs. You always want a backup source. You got 1 shot to do it.

      Hope this helps you out.

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      The wireless mic is definitely easier to hide on the groom than on the bride. I have found that by placingan omnidirectionalmic elementlow on the chest, about sternum height, the level picked up from officiant and bride will be better balanced relative to the groom’s voice, even though it will also pick up more other sounds. (This mic location technique can also work wellfor the sound reinforcement mic the officiant may be using, allowing all to better hear the three.)I like to have a shotgun or directional mic on a desk stand hidden near the altar area, too, usually mixed with the wireless lavalier, mixer controlled at my camera location where I can monitor the sound. That mic will usually get better sound than the camcorder mic could pick up if something goes awry, like the groom forgetting to turn on the mic. πŸ™

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