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      I am about to purchase a Mac, and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be the best setup for under $8,000. Processors, Ram, Raid, Video Cards, Etc. I will using Adobe Master Suite, mainly Premier Pro and some intensive After Effects. I want it super fast.

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      I gues it all depends on what kind of editing you are doing. But if you are going to be doing pro editing with FC Studios then I would recommend the following.

      Currently (I just looked today), if you go to and click on their Build you own MAC pro link.

      Their current minimum specs for (I think) $2500 are I beleive.

      4GB Ram

      2.9GHz Dual Quad-core intel Xeons

      320GB HD.

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      Mac Expo is next week. It would not be wise to buy right now. Hold on until Monday’s new product announcements! Sometimes they drop prices on older models as well. It’s only a few more days!

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      The Mac Expo is going right now but I was looking at the Mac Pro and it looks fantastic. You don’t need to spend $8000, they are only $2000 I think.

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      8000$!!!!! I would just build the machine myself for 700 and add whatever OS you want to use afterwards. Hell; you could even make a box with a dual OS setup so you can switch between.

      I can’t see paying that much for a pre-made box. All you really need anymore is a dual core, a dual GPU 256meg or higher and a buttload of internal sata hard drives.

      If you’re interested in talkin box then PM me.

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      That’s a nice budget for a computer, but probably overkill. You can max out the MacPro tower at 15K if you select all of the upgrade!. but you will pay very high prices for RAM and extra HD space for no reason. You can get the entry level MacPro and add those items yourself for huge savings, and it’s very easy to do.

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      The real question is, how much time do you have to render movies? If time is not a factor, you can use an entry level Power Mac. But if time is important (money), then the new 8 processor power mac with at least 2 gig ram will do what the computer needs to do in minimal time. In 2006, I bought a G5 Quad processor power mac. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to render and burn to DVD a 1 hour movie. I can film in the morning and have a finished product by late afternoon. I create videos for the local cable company – and they are impressed that I can have it ready within a day after shooting.

      So, if time is important to your video business or hobby, you need multiple processors and a lot of memory. If you buy a new Mac, be sure to get the free copy of iMovie 6 which is much better than the iMovie 7 version. If you’re going to produce professional products, get Final Cut Pro Express.

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      I do a lot of after effects work…and this is my job, which comes with deadlines so I need super fast. This is the budget my company gave me.

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