Best MAC for Running Final Cut Pro

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I recently purchased a Sony DCR-VX2100 Camcorder primarily to shoot product training videos. The videos will be posted online and also available on DVD.

Since this is my very first delve into videography I would like to have some of you veterans point me in the right direction.

I have been a PC user since 1992, in fact, I've never even considered Apple products, nor have I ever sat behind one, honestly. Through my many years of using PC's it is obvious that MAC's rule the print media as well as music and video.

With that said, I am searching for a MAC that is affordable that I can run Final Cut Pro 5.1 on. I'm not looking to spend the $2,500 that I see most MAC Pro G5's running. I would like to find something in the $1,500 or less price range, if that's even possible. I really feel like Final Cut Pro offers some really exciting opportunities and I just want to dive in and learn to run the software. I am aware of the learning curve associated with software, but I'm also up against the hardware issue with converting from PC to MAC.

Any advice from you pro's would be very helpful. :D

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The best mac to run final cut pro on is the one that you can afford. Any of the current intel macs would make great editing machines. I use a 1.66Ghz Core Duo at home and it is just as fast as my 2.8Ghz dual processor Xeon system I use at work. I would advise a iMac given your price range. They are great systems and include a display and full sized hard drive. (the HD is truly the downfall of the mini. I have put a 7200rpm drive in and it can edit just fine (did just fine with the 5400 really i keep my video on an external anyway)but this is really my internet machine as I am doing most of my video work at work nowadays no time for my own projects right now. I plan on getting a mac pro (or iMac) to aid in a few projects I have planned for '08) The display is very nice in the 20in iMac and it comes with a 250 gig hard drive and dedicated graphics which will run FCP Motion and After effects very well and comes within your budget and comes ready to go out of the box. It can be had for 1399 if you qualify for a student discount. Also don't be worried about any sort of hardware change the only difference is that Apple hardware is very nice to look at unlike the hideous boxes that regular pc manufacturers build. Under the hood is an Intel Core chip nowadays and is just like its windows counterpart and can even boot windose as well as OSX if need be. Something that can not be said about any other manufacturer.

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get an Imac( even my 17" g5 screams...but the duo-cores are faster.). max out the ram. add 2 external firewire hd in a stripped raid for your content, and you'll be blown away by the speed and ease. The only people that'll hit the ceiling on that setup's performance, will be guys doing tremendous volume of work, daily.

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I had a bad experience with Premiere (version 5 I think?) And then I accidentally discovered iMovie on my wifes iBook (a 366 with a 10gig HD and 320 mb RAM) That's when I decided to get my own Mac - and I was hooked.

What iMovie did for me was force me to think about the story, you only have one video track to work with - and it forced me to learn basic editing. I still find that for m hobby, I don't need much more. (I know there are similar editing apps for Windows too.)

Maybe I never gave Premiere a fair shot??? LOL

I have to agree though Hank - in the end, it;s the final movie, not the software used to create it!


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[quote="videolab"]The best mac to run final cut pro on is the one that you can afford.

Hi I'm not too converse on computers and I hope you can clarify a bit for me. I am currently a University student whose just started digital video classes. My budget is kinda tight so I need to watch my spending. I hope one of the following (or all so that I may have a choice :) will run Final Cut Pro smoothly. Should I add any particular upgrades to my iMac or Mac book purchase?

Also, would I need to purchase an additional plug in hard drive to save my video footage on so as not to bog down the hard drive on my Mac? If so, can I pick up any kind or does it have to be Mac specific?

Thank you so much for your advice!

Could I run Final Cut Pro on a Mac Book with these specs:

2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
80GB hard drive1
Combo drive


The Mac book with these specs:

2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
120GB hard drive1
Double-layer SuperDrive

Or the iMac with these specs:

2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
250GB hard drive1
8x double-layer SuperDrive
ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128MB memory