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      I’ve got a business filming hunts but there seem to be a lot of pro posers in the hunting industry so I wanted to see what pros in other fields think. I’m looking for the best cam in low-light situations. I’ve always loved the low lux capabilities of Sony cams but wanted to see if anyone has had better luck with other brands. thanks.

      Predator House Productions

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      Well it all depends on how Low you want the low light to capture.

      Obviously the Sonys, such as the VX2100’s have good low light capabilities but in darkness they are not going to do well.

      If you are looking for an infrared camera, then just buy one of their consumer cameras. They have this feature.

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      You might consider using an infrared light and a camcorder that can see infrared. A while ago, Panasonic had 2 camcorders, the DVC30 and DVC60 that had built-in infrared lights. Both camcorders were discontinued last year, but you could probably find one somewhere. There may be current models that have good infrared sensitivity, I just haven’t kept up with what’s available. Of course, the images would probably be monochrome, and your range would be limited to the power of the infrared light source (15 to 60 feet, depending on the source).

      A night vision attachment wouldn’t need a light source, but I suspect those are expensive and cumbersome.

      Ken Hull

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      The XL1 is pretty good in low light conditions. I used mine around 7 o’clock outside in mid-January here in PA and it looked surprisingly good.

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      You could try the PanaSonic CamCorder..PV-DV53. It is pretty good at capturing in low light conditions. Another thing that you might want to look into is the FugiFilm F30. Its a still camera but when it is used in video mode, it captures exceptional footage in low light shoots.

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