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      Just wants some advise on the best lighting gear to by. Just trailing ebay and I have seen two 500 halogien lights mounted on the stand for key and backlights from the description and for another one with the umbrellas for twice the amount.

      Any suggestions on the pros and cons of these two.

      many thanks X-D

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      Honestly, I really don’t like using umbrellas at all.
      Typical lighting set-ups use a 3-point lighting technique: A Key light, fill light, and rim/hairlight. In addition, background lights are used.

      The options you mentioned above would be a start, and very helpful in lighting, but you may want look for a kit with three lights.
      For diffused lights, softboxes, though a little more expensive, have many more advantages INO over umbrellas.

      If your purposes do not need professional studio lights, you can get away with pretty fair results using just hardware lights. There are many 500 halogen watt lights out there for cheap, as well as many other options. Some of them include stands as well, while others have clamps, which are really convenient.

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      check out Home Depot, Lowes, or whatever your local home improvement store may be and invest in some plain old 500 watt halogen work lights- you should be able to get some at different heights. I think I only spent between $30-$40 on each. I wouldn’t go any brighter than 500 watts unless you want to blind your living subject, haha.

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