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      Ive seen instruction on you tube and iv’e seen FCP for idiots (book). I know there must be a book or some kind of instruction that is easy to pick up on for FCP. Thanks

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      Actually, Apple’s manuals are nicely written. I learned FCP though a teacher in high school and experience, but I read the Motion manual and now I’m reading Logic. They are easy to understand…fat and intimidating, but easy to understand.

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      I was looking for a few books and videos too, but I found out about Ken Stone’s website and use it all the time. He has some great ‘white papers’ on FCP and the instructions are very clear. Here’s the link:

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      I always think a book (manual or similar) is the best bet for getting the fundamentals down and then using websites like Ken Stones or Creative Cow or ours at Pro Juice TV to get hints, tips and tricks to move your work further.

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      I too vote for the Apple manuals. I own the one for Final Cut Pro 5 and it is a VERY good resource. It was the textbook for a class in college on editing which was another good way to learn.

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      I have to say that I love the “Apple Pro Training Series” by Michael Wohl. They’re apple certified and I found them at borders (book store).

      Apple manuals are more technical and all inclusive, whereas the books are more directed at your skill level. The books also come with lesson files that it tells you how to edit so you can get practice.

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