Best ink jet printable DVD+Rs?

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      Hi guys,

      I’ve been browsing the posts and people seem to agree the Verbatim makes the best ink jet printable DVDs. But here’s my question to you: Have you ever heard of Imation AquaGuard DVDs? Are they better or worse than Verbatim’s? What makes them different?


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      Hi Film Balance,

      I know this is a late post, but better late than never, eh?

      One of the detriments to inkjet printing on discs surfaces is that the ink will run or bleed if it gets wet. So, say if you are working on a disc like a wedding DVD and it must last forever for that client, they might get upset if they spilltheir morning coffee on the disc 10years from now and the great pictureon the disc turns to mush.

      The aqua guardhas a special surface that will accept the ink and make it more permanent and resistent to bleeding when wet. Ihave not had much experience with these types of discs, since we moved our inkjet to Rimage Everest printing, buttry a few of the discs and if the printing looks good andthe image doesn’t bleed, I wouldsay that is real value over the conventional discs, even atan elevateddisccost.

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      To avoid the running and bleeding of regular (non-Aqua Guard) inkjet printable media try using a product called CD/DVD Guard. I have used it with excellent results. Once the disc is dry from printing, you apply the product with a few light coats and thats it. Theapplicationprocess is similarto spray painting and like any other chemical, there are handling precautions but it works like a charm. I actually ran my test disc under the faucet and then tried to smear it with my finger and the image stayed completely in tact. The web site is luck,


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