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Hello, for awhile now I have been upgrading all my cameras to HD and upgrading various software that I use to edit with or write scripts on as well. The only thing I haven't upgraded has been my computer. I have searched for awhile about what computer I should get to edit HD videos with and have gotten no real recommendations. I'm aiming for something that is or less than $400, but I am willing to go higher, and has an Intel Core i7 (have read and been told to get an i7). Even though I'm very into tech, I haven't upgraded in a long time, so knowing what I'd need for my HD projects is kind hard to figure out. If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be amazing. Thanks.

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Nick, first you will be hard pressed to find a new computer with an i7 for the price range that you are considering. I recently purchased a laptop with i7 and it is much faster rendering than an older dou-core desktop. That said, I can easily process HD on the desktop it just takes a lot longer to render. I am sure that others will jump in here with their input, so good luck shoping.

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Even a budget home-built system will run you upwards of $1000 if you want something with decent staying power. I would ask what your edit software is first. Does it take advantage of GPU acceleration? Is it 64bit native? That will help narrow down the graphic cards and amount of RAM you should purchase. Premiere works best with Nvidia cards, so be sure to read up on recommendations for any edit software you own (or are considering).

That being said, look at PC Magazine for recent budget PC builds. They usually have a 'best-of' in a range of budget categories. You might also shop around for a used gaming system on Craigslist. Gamers like the fastest/best components and upgrade often. You might find a bargain, but be vigilant in testing it out before you walk off.