Best HD Camcorder under $1200?

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      Please let me know. I will be using this for my small business, (weddings, birthdays, special events). I have to start somewhere. I am using Sony vegas Pro 8 and PInnacle ultimate 12 right now but will be going MAC FCP based on the reviews I read on here. Thanks

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      I loves me my Sony HDR-SR11 – You can get it’s big brother (120GB instead of 60GB) for under $1200 now.

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      I love HV30 more, it’s the most powerfull compact handycam on earth..

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      I vote with birdcat the Sony SR11 or 12

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      I wote with Djasir, the Canon HV30 rocks. πŸ˜‰

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      You’ll be hard to beat the brilliant new Panasonic HDC-HS300.

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      I think all of the cameras that have been mentioned are good. I will mention the Sony HVR-HD1000U. You may be able to get one around 1200 on ebay. Around 1549 new at B&H. Not that this camera is any better then the ones mentioned but it will give you more of a professional appearance if you are going to use it for hire.

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      Cville makes a good point. I would vote as follows:

      If you need to make a really good visual impression while shooting, then I would vote the Sony HDR-HD1000U. (one drawback is lack of XLR inputs; but this can be fixed with an XLR adapter.)

      If your more concerned with value for money than you are with impressions, I definitely vote the Canon HV30. (Plus you can always put a matte box and french flag on the HV30, and that will automatically impress people.)


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      For $569.95 this camera is a blowout deal. B&H has it on special:

      Three CCD 1/5 Progressive Scan

      Full 1920 x 1080 HD Video

      120GB Internal Hard Disk Drive

      Manual Controls (manual white balance, exposure control, focus)

      Zebra Function

      Accessory Shoe, Mic Input & Headphone Jack

      Video: MPEG-2 TS

      Still: JPEG


      Video:[4:3] 1440 x 1080/1024 x 768/640 x 480
      [16:9] 1920 x 1080

      Still:1440 x 1080 [4:3], 1920 x 1080 [16:9]

      Video out
      A/V out
      Component Video out
      S-Video out
      HDMI output

      But I forgot…you want to use this for a business….I’m not too sure you wanna show up with a consumer camera.

      Even if you go with with the Sony HD-1000, it’s still only a single chip camera. Your client should be aware of this and/or be charged accordingly.

      It might be in your best interest to get this JVC camera as a 2nd angle camera, and rent a professional camera as your primary until you canget a real one.

      Ifa businessshowed up to my wedding with the same camera that my guest had…I would be pissed.

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      Just, to add…The JVC would be a good place to start if you’re going to go with a consumer camera anyway. I’m sure it will be appropriate for some smaller low key events. It will put cash in your pocket and help you understand the ins and outs of HD….if the cutsomer is cool with it, cool.

      Also, I think it is very importantto haveLANCenabled video camera for professional external focus and zoom control…many consumermodels like said JVC do not have this feature…the Sony HD-1000 has a LANC interface but I just can’t see paying over $1000 for that camera….but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do…It sure looks like a nice camera, and the shoulder mount will help significantly, but seriously…they could’ve gave it a better imager or at least have a lower retail price…even if they gave it 3 small imagers like the JVC it would’ve been much more appealing….it’s like sony is almost trying to trick us, but then again sony is notorious fortaking capitalism to the max….

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      wonderful post, i gained a lot of information. im in the same situation as the guy who originally made this post. thanks a lot

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      I’m thinking about purchasing this camcorder in the next few days. This will be my first HD camcorder. I’m looking to use it mainly for home videos but will also be making a series of comedic shorts. Professional quality audio and video would be nice, but is not a must have. Any suggestions?

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      asleep…reviews say it has no viewfinder, LANC (Sony), no nightshot, and short battery life. Consider the following:

      Where areyou supposed to off-load your video? Maybe buy a Blu-ray burner and discs? Buy new hard drives? Do I need anew computer to handle the AVCHD? What happens when the hard drive fails? Are there better alternatives besides convenience?

      Whatever you do folks, I strongly recommend an extended warranty…4-5 years if possible. These little suckers are very expensive to service.

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