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      OK, so I am a photographer and have recently started working with video, I have a Cannon Xf100 and a 5DM2. I shot a prayer service and was intially planning to create a 5 min clip with excerpts of all the sermons and speeches, but the pastors were so passionate, I ended up with a 2 hour video.

      I edit in FCPX and would like to keep the video in HD, but the file size ended up something like 19 GB, so I hope this is not a dumb question but, what format should I use to keep the quality but still get it on 1 DVD? Or is not possible?



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      I have yet to be able to compress 2 hours onto 1 DVD and not make major sacrifices in quality. Here is my formula.

      40 Minutes or Less, Leave in MTS format and create a AVCHD (Mind you not playable in all DVD players, but in all Blu-Ray.

      40+ Minutes MPEG2 Video compressed to 720 at 60FPS. And sacrifice the audio codec for the most compressed you can. I can get 80 minutes with acceptable quality, but over 80 minutes I have always had to goto another DVD. If I had the two hour production that you do, I would do 2 DVD’s, and go from the most compressed audio I could since it is not music.

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       Omar, if you want to keep the video in HD you will only get about 20 minutes on a single layer DVD (only playable in Bluray or PS3), double layer DVD about twice the amount. If you are going to be using a bluray player why not record to a bluray disc (25 Gb). This will give great viewing but you will need a bluray burner. Hope this helps.

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