best external microphne for canon xha1s

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will record rock concert from the audience

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is there a reason you are trying to record audio from the audience? Ideally you want to connect something to the house mixer. The audio will be much better.

If you have to record audio from the audience, I dunno what kind of mic is a good mic. An omnidirectional mic is going to pick up the crowd and I dont think a shotgun mic will help unless you pointed at speakers or some source of audio. I could be wrong though...i don't shoot concerts.

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First off, the title of this thread is better stated as "best microphone for good audience pickup" rather than directing your question at the best microphone forrecording with a specific camcorder. As far as compatibility goes, the gap is basically narrowed to the kind of inputs your camcorder has. If it's got XLR inputs, you're good to go (most expensive microphones use XLR). If it's got only a 3.5mm jack, then a 1/8"-to-XLR converter cable is probably your best bet, unless you want to spend $200+ on a Beachtek or Juicedlink XLR input set.

In your situation, a "boundary" (or PZM)microphoneis probably the most affective way of capturing the sound of audience.