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      Greetings All,

      I am going to be starting a long process of converting my old 8 and Hi-8 tapes. I want to have them on my hard drive, not only for video editing, but just for hi-quality access to the old footage.

      There are so many choices as far as encoding, in the forum’s experience, which one is the way to go so I only have to do this daunting task one time. I want to eventually edit the footage into some greatest hits comps of friends and stuff. Through reading the threads, Vegas seems to be the way to go for the editing, but which format should be used for the inital transfer?

      Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Quicktime, others? Computer power and hard drive space is not an issue. Just want hi-quality, full screen files.

      If possible, share not only the encoding of choice, but the software or program used to do the import (everyting is going to be done through firewire).

      Thank you all for your wisdom!

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