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      I am looking for a good editing program that has a better than average title creator in it. I have looked at the Roxio Suite and Nero Ultra Edition and am currently using Vega Movie Studio Platinum and not very happy with them. What I am looking for is one that creates 3D titles in gold or silver or whatever color and can be scrolled up and stop in center of video. I would like to have plenty of transitions to choose from and the ability to import photos as well. It can be rather expensive buying different editors only to find they don’t do what you wanted them to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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      The programs you are listing are par to sub par at best for titles. For the most part additional plugins would be needed to give you better options when it comes to 3D titles.

      Adobe After Effects with a small array of plugins is one of the more powerfull solutions but you’ll need +$900.00 plus another $900.00 or so for more of the really cool plugins.

      Below is a link to a program that I stumbled on when surfing around on the INET. It’s a stand alone title generator that looks to have a lot of funky options. I don’t have it but I have a friend that got it and I have seen some of what it can do. It’s called Blufftitler and it’s only like $50.00 (US). All you would do is create your titles in this app and then import that into the NLE you currently have now.

      Check it out for they have examples of what it can do. I think they even have stream link you can click on showing how it all works.


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      You may want a program that is good at making titles and then using them in your NLE of choice.

      I have and like XARA 3D (,
      WildFX Pro ( and Corel Draw (non-animated but really great at working with text). I am really pleased with each of these and use them all the time, sometimes more than one in a project.

      There are others like Bluff Titler which I have seen but not used.


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      Hi, I am sure you’ll be getting different answers on this topic due to user’s prefrences, ease of use and the editing softwares that they use. I must also add that you can not use all the titling softwares with all the editing programs that are out there. I personally use Boris programs and I must say it is a very powerful program. Check out their website:

      Good Luck. X-D 😛

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      There’s a new version of BluffTitler out. It’s a really great program for creating titles. A free demo version is available so you can try it out and see if it fits your needs before buying.


      I also have a streaming video tutorial about BluffTitler and a set of textures and particle shapes available at:

      Best Regards,

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      I put up a new tutorial about BluffTitler that you can find at:


      Best Regards,

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      I’m using Adobe After Effects and I’d like to know of some plug-ins with which I can create 3D text. I’ve tried Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator which was somewhat ok and also the built in ‘Shatter’ plug-in which however didn’t come out so good but what else is there?

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