Best DVD-R?

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I know this is a very debatable question but I just want to know straight up......What brand and speed of DVD-R is the best for video recording?

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One quick word of advise!! never buy a no name cheap DVDs they just don't cut it. The DVD-Rs are so cheap these days that they are actually are giving them away.
I have always been using Maxell and Memorex and never had a coster with either one. As far as the speed that just depends on your burner I use 16X. :D

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Go here and download dvdinfopro.
It's available as freeware with advertising or you can purchase

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I agree with compusolver - there are many factors that can effect the production of a DVD or a coaster.
First of all the disc brand can have an effect, so too can thae batch it was created from - not all DVDs from the same manufacturer are the same.
The dye batch from the manufacturers supplier can vary too,
The speed in which you burn can effect them too. I had one DVD I made that would only burn true if done at .. wait for it.... 1 x speed ----ohh that one hurt. Yep a 66 min DVD x 30 copies ,,,boring.
Also found out that your power can also effect the computer too.
In OZ we are 240 volt. Where I live it can vary from 200 - 260 depending on the day of the week and the time of day. We are rural and we have pumps to supply water to the house and irrigate the gardens. The pump starting has caused problems too. The voltage shift spikes the processor and some functions lock up. This can cause a coaster too. Many people blame Windows for the frozen mouse or non responsive program - most of the time its a voltage spike.
I have overcome the voltage problem by using a UPS with constant voltage out. It is interesting to watch the software voltage monitors. The input voltage is all over the place and the output voltage is a nice constant 240 volt.
Any way, try different discs. Find one you are comfortable with and stick with it.
May you have many DVD,s and no coasters

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You cant go wrong with Taiyo Yuden A-Grade.

We burn thousands of these a week, and almost never have problems or complaints.

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