Best Digital Camcorder for me 2,000-10,000 ???

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      Hello all.

      Just a quick (and potentially stupid) request for information:

      I would like to buy a film camera, which one is best.

      Ok, (to make an unanswerable/dopey question slightly less dopey, and almost answerable) … for what purpose, and at what price point am I looking at?

      Like I said I don’t know or have any knowledge base in this area. But I know what I want.

      It’s being used to video stand up comedy. And at a level of recording that should be good enough to release in some form or other onto DVD. After buying this I will probably be buying Apple Final Cut Studio. Or whichever editing suite is best on the Mac.

      So I would like:


      Superb Sound. Needs to be built in. As there’s no boom operator. So a really good, broadcast quality in built mic.


      And needless to say brilliant picture.


      The camera will be ‘locked off’, so it will just be pointing at an area where I hope all the action will happen. Not sure if this makes a difference. There being no camera man.


      Security. How do I stop someone walking off with the camera?


      Hard drive. I want to record many shows. And just transfer any ‘good’ ones onto the Mac. And just record over all the ones that don’t make the grade. So I’m guessing I don’t want tape, but some kind of hard drive. Ideally enough space to record for at least 6-7 hours. As we have multiple shows on some nights.


      Battery life? Will it always need to be plugged in. Or do camera batteries last longer than my parents’ old VHS camcorder? Battery life of 6-7 hours in record mode?

      The camera will also be used to record sketches and the like.

      And are there any other things I need to think of/ask?

      Like lighting? Is there a better type of camera for what will be in effect recording action on a fully lit stage?

      I think that’s the techno stuff out of the way.

      I can’t stress how much I would love the camera to be top/best there is.

      But that’s all down to price.

      I would love to spend no more than 2,000.

      But if that’s too low, then I could go to a max of about 10,000.

      Though my girlfriend may never talk to me again.

      So I would love to know, if there’s an awesome camera at around 2,000. 5,000. And 10,000.

      Those are the three sorts of price ranges I’m looking at.

      I really do appreciate you reading this, and anyone who chips in with advice, or even just abuse for my naivety/and balls in asking other people to do all my ‘leg work’. I have to make this clear, I don’t have any clue about cameras. So any and all help, however simple/obvious it may seem to you, will be really helpful.

      Hmm, now I’ve ‘outted’ myself as being film camera challenged I bet I get a deluge of people trying to sell me an ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ for ten grand.

      Thanks again,

      All the best.


      P.S. I’m in London (UK) so film in PAL

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