Best Consumer HD Camcorder?

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      I still haven’t found a good camera that fits me, Canon’s HF10 seem a little small for me, have no viewfinder, and the battery life is worse than a Motorola “BRICK”. And, I can’t decide if I should go CMOS or 3CCd also… (3CCD seem to have better color and motion. It might be just me.)

      Anyway… What’s the best consumer true-HD camcorder out there under 1grand that would be easy to transfer to Vegas Pro, have cinematic-look capabilities, great battery life, good audio that doesn’t crack with noise, and not have those straight vert-lines you get from lights at night. (If possible, have 0-LUX IR for filming at extreme darkness.)


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      True HD? Under $1K? New? I’m not familiar with EVERY possible camera model “out there” but I keep looking, checking things out, and cannot recall such a one that meets all your hopes in true HD, under $1K, that wouldn’t be as small or smaller than the HF10. Sorry.

      I will either compromise and get a pair of the Canon HV30 models; or hang on and try to come up with the investment capital to purchase two of the new Panasonic AVCDV model AG-HMC150 at $4K a pop. (though I really didn’t want to go anything under the HV30’s HDV compression, or better, and the AVCHD is higher compression)

      I WANT true HD capabilities, but simply cannot see the means financially to go that route in the foreseeable future. I will make my compromises and move into high def production/editing in 2009, but it probably won’t be with the equipment I WANT.

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      Good luck finding all that for under $1k.

      I have the Sony SR11 (around that price) and it shoots AVCHD (MTS – 1920 X 1080 @ 60i) which I edit just fine in Sony Vegas Pro 8. It is 5 lux, has some really nice features (external mic jack, headphone, jack, multifunction assignable knob (I use it for manual focus), super slo-mo, optical image stabilization, super night shot for IR filming, lots more…

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      what’s the best Pick up Truck? same question, you are comparing apples to oranges they both are fruits

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      The JVC HD7 is the only 3CCD for under 1K. But it doesn’t like a lot of motion, shooting on a boat in 7′ seas makes it impossible to get a good shoot.

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      If I’m going to get into shooting possible wedding here or there, can I get away with something like a $1000 camcorder that records in 1080p?

      It seems like these camcorders have higher resolutions then the $2000 prosumer camcorders.

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