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      I am currently looking to purchase a new computer to run Vegas 8 and DVD Architect. I realize the importance of having a large hard drive as well as much RAM that one can get. My question to you experienced editors/users out there is; what are you using for a computer that’s held up rock solid for you? Which System do you feel is better; Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista? I currently have Windows XP Pro SP2. It can be either a desk top or a laptop. I do use an external 500 GB hard drive other than the hard drive on my computer when editing.
      Your suggestions in regards to computers as well as any DVD writers/burners would be most appreciated. Thanks, Ray

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      Definitely go for Windows XP over Vista. Vista still has bugs and stability issues that need to be worked out. Also, unless you need to be doing a lot of mobile editing, choosea desktop rather than a laptop. For under a grand, you can get quite a powerful desktop expecially if you can built it yourself. And, yes, capturing, storing, and editing your digital video on a hard drive other than your OS Drive is always very smart. Hope this helps.


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      Hi, Thanks for the reply. See my new post “Help in Hard Drive Choices” under Editing. Thanks again, Ray

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      Get a Mac and use FCP

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      Definitely NOT Vista. I have a friend who had Vista andhe had aLOT of problems trying to upload Vegas 8. He got it up EVENTUALLY…but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      And forget Macs and Final Cut Pro,PCs and Vegas isTHE WAY todo it.

      But what ever you do, Don’t Do Vista With Vegas.

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      I use three PC Dells configured at 4 gb memory 500gb hard drives and a Maxtor 750gb external.

      Software Im using is Adobe Creative suite 3 with adobe premier pro.

      All works very fast and I know Not everyone can do this with budgets I build this up over two years.

      The Pc’s allow me muti configurtions with input output boards something I found very helpful to stay fluid.

      I started with a PC AMD processor at 2.1 gighertz so Iwas very successful with it and a 125 gb drive.

      with 2g memory.This system was already 3 years old when I started. Still have it 5 years later. Added 1 250gb drive later. Everyone above is correct about Vista I dont think you want to take on this right now stick with what works.

      As far as Mac or PC it’s a user choice although for me the costs benifit with add in boards has been far more reasonable.

      Hope this helps

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