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      Hi all,

      I’ve been trying every codec possible in After Effects to create a compatible .avi to transcode in Encore without luck. I transcoded a file with a codec of Intel Indeo 4.5 and it worked fine in Premiere Pro (Encode to DVD). However, I need to put the .avi into Encore, then transcode, then burn. What am I doing wrong or is the codec uncompatible in Encore?

      Is there a "best" codec to use for avi to mpg2 transcoding? Much appreciated!!

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      Encore will gladly accept .avi files. I don’t have AE but if possible, use the Microsoft DV AVI compressor to make your avi file. If not, try any "uncompressed" format.

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      Uncompressed will work, but is very large when brought over. I noticed that when "transcoded" into mpv format it becomes twice the size of the original. Thus, this isn’t an option. Thanks for replying.

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      In regard to importing into Premiere Pro and then exporting as an mpg2 back to Encore. How do you do that when there’s only an Export to DVD feature…straight to dvd? Am I missing something? Thanks.

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      But this is for streaming video over the internet…isn’t it?

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      Sorry, just found what you were talking about. Thanks for everything!!!

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      I’m using MainConcept MPEG Encoder and I’m having problems.

      It says that some frames are UNDERFLOW…

      Anyone knows what’s wrong?

      MPEG video encoding
      MPEG PCM audio encoding, audio mode: 4
      MPEG muxing
      MPEG output file: D:G.NTimeline.mpg
      Video source:
      Audio source:

      Intel SSE

      MMX:y SSE:y SSE2:y 28:1 3DNowExt:n 3DNow:n CMOV:y
      Using library: MainConcept optimized Software Encoder (D:Arquivos de programasMainConceptMPEG Encodermcmpgvout.004)
      Initializing video encoder
      Number of CPU: 2, available: 2
      SIMD: SSE2
      SIMD: PNI
      Video encoder initialized(SMP_MC+)
      NOTE: Mux rate may be too low for data rate, watch for PTS/DTS underflows.
      Multiplexing information
      Video stream 0 data rate : 1000000 bytes/sec (8000000 bits/sec)
      Audio stream 0 data rate : 192000 bytes/sec (1536000 bits/sec)
      Total data rate : 1260000 bytes/sec (10080000 bits/sec)

      Frame 1560: Underflow possible!!!, bits_to_use=675495, in_picture=688432

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