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      I have been into video editing for awhile, it wa snothing professional of even close to good. It was more or less for my personal collection. But now I have an Canon HF R100 HD camcorder with external mic and headphone jack. My problem is headsets, I wont a good heaset that I can use for audio monitoring through the Camcorder. I dont have a lot of money and looking for a cheap but decent set. If you have any ideas let me know.

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      Sony has a pair of noise canceling headphones for $50 at Best Buy – I’ve had these for years and they are good for on camera monitoring as well as plugged in to my PC for editing.

      I did buy a set of the Bose ear buds for my wife for $100 and she says they’re amazing.

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      thanks for the information I really appreciate it. Been having problems finding anything helpful on google about it. I do want to apologize for my bad spelling on my first post it was late and I was getting tired.

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      unknown, for monitoring audio while shooting video a noise-cancelling set of earphones would be an asset, as birdcat recommended. I’ve haven’t used noise-cancelling ones yet, myself. Another alternative for monitoring audio while shooting is an over the ear set which physically cover the ear, this helps to filter out extraneous noise and helps you monitor the audio that you are recording. Best Buy hasSony MDR 570 LP for $25. Any set of phones that you are going to use for monitoring audio, whether while recording in the field or while editing on your computer, should have as ‘flat’ a response as possible. This means that they don’t boost bass or otherwiseaugment any frequency that you hear. this way what you are hearingis closeto what you are recording.For monitoring audio while editing, I use either Sony MDR-V150 (on the ear, wide frequency range, long cord, $20-Best Buy) or Koss K240 (over the ear studio monitor, wide frequency,600 ohm model, paid $2.50 at flea market!). I would suggest going to a store and trying before you buy. Listen for frequency range (natural high, middle and low range) and eliminating background sounds (if using for field recording).
      Good shooting.

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      vid-e-o-man Thank you also for the sound advice.So no head set with bass boost for in the field or for editing.

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      Grinner Hester

      I just use one little ear bud.

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      I thank all of you for the great help on this issue. I have decided to g with Sony’s MDR-V150 because $20 isnt bad for a decent pair of headsets. I would go $50 for a set but have other props etc to finance for my movie even with building some its getting expensive.

      Grinner I would do the same but cant stand them things, dont know why either.

      Again thank you for all of your help everyone.

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      The Sony headphones are cheap (BestBuy $25-$50) and well worth it. We have 4-5 pairs of them lying around and they seem to tolerate all sorts of abuse and remain functional.

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      If you are looking best Cheap headphone so you should buy Koss Porta Pro. Koss hit a home run with the PortaPros.There’s no denying the sound quality here: they’re the ideal companion for mobile audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

      Best earbuds

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      One thing- monitoring a shoot with noise canceling cans can result in some surprises back in the editing bay… I did it once and didn’t notice the buzz in the footage until it was too late.

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       I have some Skullcandy brand headphones that I wouldn’t part with.  I got them for Christmas with a Best Buy gift card.  They cost $32 and offer great sounds.  They’re not noise cancelling and then don’t completely cover the ear.  Go to Best Buy and try out all their headphones.

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      Top 5 Inexpensive Headphones:-

      1. Koss Pro3AA Titanium

      2. Sony MDR-EX71SL.

      3. Sennheiser HD212 Pro.

      4. Sennheiser PX100.

      5. Sennheiser HD457.

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      These are my top 3 recommendations of best headphones and in addition, let me give you my personal reviews about them:

      1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x ($124)
      -Sound quality. Highs are crisp, but not too bright; mids are good; bass is punchy and tight.

      2. Sony MDR7506 ($90)
      -I like the sound quality, very clear and easy to distinguish highs and lows

      3. Sennheiser HD 280 ($99)
      -These sets do loose a bit of audio detail at both ends – very low and very high. However, it is not significant enough to bother me.

      Other headphones I have tried/own are:

      Bose Quiet Comfort 2 noise-cancelling set
      Sennheiser PXC 250 noise-cancelling set

      Not sure if these sets are within your price range but I am 100% sure that all these headphones are designed for audio monitoring. If you need more info about them, I suggest you check this website:

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      I’m going to second the idea that noise-cancelling headphones on set is a bad idea. You want to hear EVERYTHING that your mic picks up. The idea of “ignorance is bliss” doesn’t apply here. With that said, I recently picked up a set of Sennheiser HD 429 headphones. Good quality, comfortable, albeit a bit bulky. But if you’re going to be wearing them for a long time, comfort really counts. Good luck with your shoot!

      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

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      I can certainly vouch for Sony MDR7506. They’re about $80-$90 depending on where you go, but they’re very good for monitoring and last a long time. Just enough sound isolation that you can tell what’s in the room and what’s in the mic, and they have quite an even frequency response.

      Brice Munn
      Head of Post Production


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      I’ll second the Sony MDR7506. They are excellent headphones and very durable. Check out for their reviews of the best headphones under $100. Most if not all the products reviewed are available on amazon.

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      In my daily life, I usually use my Sony MDR7506 to record my life. Playing them on computer with Blu ray player.

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      I know it's late but I believe for a person who is searching for good recommendations, this advice will be fit to them. Anyway, For anyone who is looking for this type of headphone, I would like to suggest you Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphone to them.

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