Best capture card for low profile/short form factor pc?

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      Hi everyone. i’m new to all this so please bear with me.

      My parents did something really cool and grabbed me a brand new pc (really stretched their budget to do it too) so i could do some video capturing/editing/authoring for my school and try to get good at it for future careers.
      It’s a P4 2.26 with 256 ram. got power producer gold 2 and it seems to handle the workload pretty good! unfortunately, coz it’s a low profile/ short form factor pc with onboard video card, it came supplied with a USB TV Excel capture box/tv tuner… and it ain’t that great. so my question is- what is the best option for around$150 (all i have spare) for an internal video card that’ll actually FIT in a spare slot on this low profile unit, or a decent external box that won’t screw up with video audio sync, etc?

      thanks for any help you can throw my way.


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