best canon HDSLR?

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      hey, i am looking to buy a new Dslr to shoot movies, my options are 550d, 7d and 5d mk ll, are the latter 2 worth the money they are worth for should i go for something entirely different??????????

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      First, some questions for you:

      Why a DSLR?  Does it have to be new?  What are you going to use to acquire audio?  What will you be editing on/with?  What types of movies- will there be extensive low-light?  Will you be doing green/bluescreen work?

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      What is your budget? I use the 7D and I also have several video cameras I use. It really depends on what you plan on doing with them. Also, just because you have the DSLR doesn’t mean you have everything you need. It really comes down to what and how you plan on using your cameras.

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      There is no ‘best’ so to speak. As the others have pointed out, it all depends on your budget, what you plan on shooting and what format you plan to showcase your work.

      Obviously, the 7D and the MkII are pretty good and are used on the pro level but that’s because they are outfitted with accessories which take advantage of their capabilities. That stuff gets seriously expensive and takes know-how to use. As was mentioned, you’ll need a secondary audio acquisition unit to get clean audio and don’t forget a couple of good lenses f2.8 or faster which gets expensive too!

      Not saying you can’t shoot with just the stuff out of the box, but it doesn’t make much sense to pay for all that capability and then can’t take advantage of it. If you’re not interested in shooting both stills and video (which is the DSLR’s strong point), you can get a video camera with all the basic capabilities needed built-in. You’ll still need accessories, but not as many nor as expensive depending on the rig you buy.

      As to your original question; it depends on what you want to do. The 550 is the consumer version of the 7D and doesn’t have the same controls and less capabilities. It does get a very good image and if you’re just starting up with DSLR’s it’s a good choice. The 7D has more capabilities for getting your image and can shoot in HD at different framerates (24p, 30p and 60p @720.) The image sensor is smaller than the 5D. The MkII has the largest sensor and better controls for gathering sound after recent firmware updates. It like the 7D are pretty good at gathering images in lower light, but at high ISO’s the noise makes them unusable. Biggest issues with DSLR’s are short recording times 12 minutes at 4GB per clip and heat build-up. Another issue is ‘Moire’ which causes the image sensor to not be able to render a proper picture when extreme patterns are present.

      Lastly, if you are not familiar working with professional digital still cameras I’d say lay off getting a DSLR until you do. Still cameras and video cameras are two different animals despite the hybridization. Easier to lean to shoot video with a video camera than a DSLR.

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