Best Camera Stabilizer?? Steddiepod by BarberTech?

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Hello Videomaker community!

I've been looking around for a camera stabilizer and I was wondering what your opinions on the Steddiepod was?

Does anyone else have one?

I came across it at the WEVA expo last week and was blown away by the low price versatility and function of it!

Here's a demo video:

Would love to hear other opinions!


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Two things spring to mind - Firstly, do you have any formal relationship to the company? and Secondly, if you're really interested, I have spoken with wedding guys who like Glidecam and Steadycam.

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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Hi Bruce,

No formal relations, but I was curious if anyone knew of them or had experience with it. When I saw it at WEVA, I was surprised by the was about half the cost of the Glidecam! Started off around 499 I think and it actually seemed to work really well.

I recently began shooting weddings and events to try and fill in down I went to WEVA to explore the market and get tips!

I've slightly messed around with the glidecam and i'm sure it works fine, but at the expo, the steddiepod seemed to be almost as simple as pick up and go.

Just sharing and looking for other users and opinions.


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I know steadycam is the go to company but its honestly a little out of my range at the moment!

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I've had one for a few years now and like it a lot. It does take some practice and strength but it's very versatile and sturdy.